There is a lot of advice for tattoo aftercare available online and otherwise. This page simply represents what we feel is the best. Of course, we are not doctors and no advice can take the place of that of a qualified physician.


After your tattoo has been hygienically applied, your artist will cover it with a dressing to protect the artwork until you get home. It is at this point that the initiation of scab formation can occur. Under the dressing, the weeping tattoo allows blood platelets to begin collecting on the surface of the skin. To prevent further formation of a scab it is necessary to remove the blood platelets. Remove the dressing and wash the fresh tattoo (within 1 hour is preferred). Use warm, running water (shower) and a mild fragrance-free liquid soap like Naked: Natural Alterantive Soap or antimicrobial soap such as Provon® Antimicobial Lotion Soap. DO NOT use bar soap as it can contaminate and dry the fresh tattoo. After washing, rinse thoroughly. DO NOT USE a washcloth or sponge. Pat dry with a clean or disposable towel. DO NOT RUB OR SCRATCH. Wash three to five times a day until the tattooed skin heals. After drying wait 20-30 minutes to allow excess water in the tattoo to evaporate and inflammation to subside.

Apply Ointment

For the first three days, apply an ointment, such as Bacitracin or Naked: Natural Alternative Salve. Always wash your hands before applying ointment or touching the tattoo. Evenly apply over the tattooed skin. Use only as much as the skin will absorb. Rub the ointment in gently as this will help stimulate the skin and bring blood flow to the area, which helps in the body's natural healing process. DO NOT leave a thick film on the surface. Apply ointment two to five times a day or as necessary to keep the tattoo occluded. DO NOT allow the skin to dry out. Wear clean clothes. Avoid close fitting clothes as they may absorb ointment and dry the freshly tattooed skin. If you suffer from allergies to such ointments, seek advice from your doctor and advise your body artist. Discontinue use of any product should irritation occur.

Apply Lotion

After three days, begin applying a fragrance-free lotion with little or no alcohol content, such as Naked: Natural Alternative Lotion or Lubriderm®. Most people experience a mild tingling sensation after the first few applications; this is normal. Ten minutes or so after applying, clothing will not stick to the tattoo. Apply lotion three to five times a day or as necessary to keep the tattoo slightly moist. As with any product, discontinue use, should irritation occur.


During the healing period:

  • Sunbathing
  • Chlorine
  • Soaking in a bath
  • Unwashed clothes
  • Touching with unwashed hands
  • Scratching
  • Salt Water
  • Oral Contact
  • Swimming


When your body art is fully healed, keep applying lotion regularly to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin and retain the quality of the artwork.


Use SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen whenever you expose your body to the sun. Regular use can aid in the prevention of premature skin ageing, pigment fading and skin cancer.


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